Enjoy the greatest selection of fine gold and silver jewelry. We are a three generation family-owned business located in the heart of New York City.

  • Cut

    Slow and steady now! Each hoop is being carefully cut-to-size to fit perfectly with our signature lock mechanism.

  • Engrave

    The electric motor is activated by pressing a foot petal. This provides perfectly controlled movement and extreme attention to detail.

  • Smooth

    Here we are shaping the hoop by using heat to warm up the gold. It must be perfectly round for the next process. Caution, hot!

  • Assemble

    Our skilled professionals solder the earrings and locks together. Each mechanism is then checked to function flawlessly.

  • Polish

    Our expert polishers get every millimeter, no matter how small a detail. Each piece receives a quality hand-polish for a lifetime of shine.

  • Steam

    This is where the magic happens! A strong steam to bring out the life and brilliance. It's ready!

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